Codebook using 45%+ CPU for extended period - what is it doing?

Codebook usually sits quietly in the background and is there when I need it. However, this morning, it’s been using over 45% of my CPU for the past hour. What is it doing? Do I need to be concerned?

I have run the integrity check under File > Integrity Check. There were 8 missing indexes, but there are now no issues.
I have “compacted” the database, using File > Compact Database (it said it made a 4% difference).
I have restarted Codebook.

None of the above has made any difference.

I am using Codebook v4.2.1.0 on Windows 10 2004. Everything seemed to be fine yesterday.

I rebooted my PC and the issue seems to have gone away.

Hi @LordScree

It’s hard to say what would have been causing it to eat up CPU given your usage at the time. We are happy to hear it went away with a reboot. Please let us know if you see the behavior again.

The one thought I had is that I have Codebook installed at the system level for two users on the same machine. When I went to reboot the machine, one of the users was still logged-in (they’re both me, tbf). Could be something related to that? I usually sign-out before signing into the other Windows account, but I must have switched user at some point.

Either way, it’s never happened before, so I doubt it’s a big issue.

Cheers for the reply.

Hi @LordScree

Thanks for sharing those additional details, we will keep an eye out for that behavior.