When is it safe to delete stored STRIP backups?


One of the machines I run STRIP on is a 128GB macbook air (2011). In practice this means that I usually have around 60GB to play with; so every so often I have to release space for new projects.
I notice that STRIP is keeping backups in User>Library>Containers>net.zetetic.Strip.mac>Data>Library>Application Support>Strip>Backups
In my case, the backups go back to November 2013, and amount to about 70Mb.

Now this amount of storage use does not make their deletion critical, but I would be interested to know if/when these backups can be safely deleted as it looks like they will continue to grow slowly over time.

Are there any STRIP experts who could offer advice?


Hi @mike,

Thanks for inquiring about backups. I should say there is no hard and fast rule about how many backups you should keep. Each backup is a complete database snapshot of all of your data at the time it is taken, so it often depends on your own personal preference. Given the size of your database backups, having more than a few is likely sufficient unless there is older data you may have deleted which would be present only in older backups, you may consider deleting some of your older snapshots.