Xamarin Component Support



I was wondering if there is any specific information available regarding Xamarin losing component support. As of the latest version (of at least Visual Studio for Mac), components are no longer supported and must be removed before building.


The good news is that I was able to follow the first step in that link, removing the references in the project files, and build and run things just fine. Tested opening some encrypted databases and all seems well.

Again, just mainly wanted to point it out and see if there is any plan going forward to be able to update to later version of the commercial version for Xamarin. :slight_smile:




Hello @lsmithson

Thank you for reaching out! We have just migrated our Xamarin Components over to Nuget-based packages. We will be reaching out to customers soon via email regarding the upgrades available. If you have any questions in the interim, please feel free to reach out to us at support@zetetic.net. Thanks!