After restoring new phone, all passwords gone. Master works still

Anyway to get them back easily?

Hi @barks

We have a page with instructions here for restoring your data from a previous backup, could you give those a try and let us know your results? Thanks!

None of these worked. Didn’t have it backed up to google drive or Dropbox. Also didn’t have software installed on pc. And finally the files on Windows it suggested I look for don’t exist; probably because I don’t have the software on my pc?

It has worked previously when restoring my phone. The passwords would be there. This time nothing. So somehow they didn’t make it from the backup to my phone. Anyway of getting it from the apple backup itself?

Hello @barks

I’m sorry to hear those instructions were unable to resolve the issue. Unfortunately if you did not have a back up of your data, there may not be anything that you can recover. Depending on your device, if you have an iPhone you can sometimes perform a full restore from iTunes if you previously backed up that way, the backup from iTunes may contain your application data. Codebook provided many ways to create backups, we have some instructions for setting that up here.