Restoring Issue from Google Drive

I accidently deleted the app and its data on my iPhone 6. I do have backups both on iTunes and Google Drive. When I tried to restore on Google Drive, I got the message, :
Failed to Restore
The database found in your Google Drive is keyed with a different password.

Can someone advise how to resolve?

Hello @Barry0714

It sounds as if the backup you have stored on Google Drive is using a different password than what you currently have configured for Codebook on your iPhone. The password used within Codebook must match with the password used on your backup. You can adjust the password on your local Codebook from the settings screen. Once you have changed your password to match what you were previously using as a password with your backup, you will be able to restore the data. Would you give that a try? Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response. I’m not sure where to adjust the password on my local Codebook. If I do it on the Sync page, it locks me out from Google Drive.

Hello @Barry0714

You can change you password by selecting the Settings screen, if not visible on the bottom tab bar, tap the More tab and you should see Settings.

I haven’t changed my Master Codebook password since I started using the app. I have periodically changed by Google Drive password a number of times. I don’t have a clue as to what I may have originally used as a Google PW when I started this not have I changed that password in several months. I can go into my Google drive cloud and see the strip file, I just cant seem to open it.

Your Google Drive password is unrelated in this issue. Codebook uses a master password to secure your data locally. When you backup your data via Dropbox or Google Drive, a replica of the Codebook database is stored in the cloud. In order to restore that replica database, the password to access the content of the database replica must match the password you currently use to access Codebook. Can you confirm these two are the same, it appears from the response you are getting when you attempt to restore that they differ.

If you are still unable to perform the restore from Google Drive, Apple includes instructions for restoring from an iTunes backup here.

ok. Thank you. I expect that my only remaining option is to try a restore.