Being asked for a sync key on long term device

UPDATE: RESOLVED - it would be useful to have stated IN the APP; that existing users need to do this do too - rather than assuming it was clear why this was happening

Hi Help needed

I’ve been using codebook fro a number years on multiple ios devices.

Today on trying to access my passwords I was confronted with a request ti purchase or activate a free trial. I over came this with the ‘i’ve already bought codebook’ button and my purchase was verified.

However I can now not access my passwords as it is asking for async key - I have never knowingly set up such a key - but sync between two ios devices in the cloud. I only have access to my main device so far as at work. But have very concerned that my password library will no longer be accessible

Any advice on how to overcome / resolve?


Hi @scube1, glad to to hear that you are back in business, and sorry for the trouble. We appreciate the feedback as well, we take it seriously and hope to provide a clearer upgrade process next time there’s a major upgrade.