Beta PC/Android sync error "no such column: csn"

My PC desktop has updated to Codebook v4.4.4.0 and after syning, it seems my Android device lost its knowledge of the sync key (both had been working before). So I went through the “Add Device” with a QR code process, which prompted some extra steps on the Android device with a “Migrate” button; but now every time I try to sync on the Android device, it fails after getting to 95% with the error:

"An error occurred during sync. Please contact Zetetic Support at for assistance.
Additional information:

Codebook failed to delete the sync lock file on sync service

Details:net.sqlcipher.database.SQLietException: no such column: csn:, while compiling: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT csn) FROM local.changeset_queue;"

The android version is still 4.4.0-beta.3 and no updates are available.

Hey @Spartan

Thanks for using Codebook and beta testing. We released another Codebook for Android beta (beta 4.4.0-beta.5) earlier today which should resolve this issue for you. If you’re not seeing the beta available in Google Play, would you please try restarting your device and clearing Google Play App Cache and Data to see if it shows up for you afterwards.

We also released new betas for all other platforms alongside this beta, so please update to the latest betas on each device (Check for updates on the desktop clients, and download the latest build from TestFlight for iOS clients).

Let us know if you’re able to get the latest beta and if it properly resolves the issue for you. Thanks!