Cannot paste in a field iPhone 6

cb 3.3.5(538)

touching location to paste, causes entry area to scroll up and out of sight

Hi @al92780

  • Are you referring to pasting a field value (i.e. a password or email), similar to this?

  • What’s the field’s “mode” that you’re attempting to paste into (i.e. Email Address, Telephone Number, Number, Password)? This can be determined by looking at the field label under More → Settings → Customize Labels and then selecting the label that’s associated with the field it’s occurring on.

Could you provide a screenshot with some dummy data if you don’t mind?



I can not replicate problem, everything works fine.

In your first example “paste” would not show up when finger touched “email”. What would happen is the email field and the frequently used field would scroll up off screen and only the magnifying circle was visible. This happened in several different modes.