CodeBook 3.0.26 not installing


I somehow removed CodeBook from my PC. I found a previous version that I had downloaded and have installed 3.0.5. When I start 3.0.5, I get a message saying that version 3.0.26 is available. I have chosen to install 3.0.26, but it doesn’t install.

I get an Update Error. The message says “Installer certificate subject CN=“Zetetic, LLC”, O=“Zetetic, LLC”, L=Branchburg, S=New Jersey, C=US does not match current application certificate subject CN=Zetetic LLC, O=Zetetic LLC, L=Branchburg, S=New Jersey, C=US.”

How do I resolve this. I’d remove CodeBook and install from a clean download, but I can’t figure out how to do that from the website.

Thank you,



Thanks for using Codebook and posting. Although I’m sorry for the trouble updating.

We’ve changed the certificate used for the installer which will require updating manually one time. I’ve sent you a pm with the installer download location.

We’ve also adjusted the way we verify our certificate so even if we change it again in the future, this issue shouldn’t occur.

If anyone else viewing this is experiencing a similar issue, please feel free to reach out to us at