Codebook for iOS 3.3.7 Released

Codebook for iOS 3.3.7 was released this morning and I thought I’d type up a couple notes here. It is, or at least we believe it to be, ready for iOS 11 when it officially drops (seems like that will be tomorrow). It is not built against the iOS 11 SDK, but it has been extensively tested running on the iOS 11 betas and we fixed tons of issues that came up. I think we touched almost every view in the app to make adjustments.

There are also a number of minor improvements and one that should hopefully make everyone’s life easier. When you fail fingerprint authentication enough using Touch ID (either to login to Codebook, or at some other iOS Touch ID prompt), the service becomes temporarily unavailable. This is similar to a reboot of your device, after which your password is required before Touch ID is available for use.

When the device is in that state, and you launched previous versions of Codebook, and you had Touch ID Login enabled in Codebook, here’s what would happen:

  1. Codebook launches/resumes active and checks the preference
  2. Codebook attempts to prompt you for Touch ID authentication
  3. The system replies that it is unavailable
  4. Codebook then alerts you and turns off the preference

Now, that wouldn’t be too big of a deal normally (in fact, that’s the security system doing its job). A nuisance, sure. But say you’re a new user to Codebook, you set a strong master password on setup, you immediately started using Touch ID login, and now it’s a month later and you forgot your password. You can still get in with your Touch ID for the time being, but if it’s not available on the device, we turn the preference off, and now you’re locked out for good.

In this new version, Codebook is a bit more foregiving. Touch ID not available? No problem. You’ll still need your master password to get into Codebook in this situation, but when Touch ID service becomes available next, Codebook will resume prompting you for Touch ID authentication.