Desktop wifi sync erratic


iOS 10.3.2 iPhone 6 with OS 10.12.5 MacBook Pro
cb 3.3.5(538) and 3.2.6(469)
ip6 restored from factory defaults with recent backup.


  1. a record only in mbp would disappear during sync
  2. with records in both only ip6 change would show up in mbp, change in mbp would not show up in ip6
  3. enabled “data detection”, normal merge operation started
  4. disabled “data detection”, normal operation continued


Hi @al92780

Thanks for your continued support of Codebook and for posting although I’m sorry for the trouble.

  • Could you try running an Integrity Check on Codebook for macOS – found under File → Integrity Check – and let me know if it reports and errors?
  • What type of record is disappearing on your mbp (Note Entry, or Regular Entry)? Was this record deleted on another copy of Codebook?
  • Are you able to reproduce the same issue by creating a dummy entry with test data?
  • Have you used the Compact Database feature recently?

ip6 restored from factory defaults with recent backup.

What backup was this restored from? iCloud, iTunes, or Codebook?

enabled “data detection”, normal merge operation started
disabled “data detection”, normal operation continued

This is referring to the note data detection under Codebook → Preferences → General Tab → Allow Data Detection in notes? I apologize, but I don’t think I understand what is meant by “normal merge operation started/continued”. Could you elaborate further or provide a screenshot with dummy data?




Integrity Check was ok.

Regular entry.

Have not used compact database.

While I am sure Sync was in sync (would merge be a more correct name?) mode it looks like Codebook executed in the Overwrite mode.

Recovery was of the ip6 was from iTunes.

I enabled “data detection” (not sure what it does) and Syncing in the sync mode a merge of the 2 databases occurred correctly. I then disabled the data detection mode to see if an Overwrite would reoccur, it did not, a normal sync (merge) was executed.
Problem has no reappeared.




Thanks for those answers. I’m glad to hear it’s working properly again. It’s possible something went awry with your user defaults (where we store your preference options and sync operation choices – [Sync, Overwrite, Restore]) when restoring from your iTunes backup.

I enabled “data detection” (not sure what it does)

Data detection allows you to interact with websites, phone numbers, addresses, flight numbers and dates (and more) within Note Entries.

When data detection is turned on (and you’re out of edit mode) there should be a slight underline or blue highlight on text that is intractable:

Here’s a few examples of interaction possibilities:


Phone number






Please let us know if you happen to see this issue again, or have any further questions. Thanks!