WiFi Sync only works in one direction

Changes or new entries made on iPad (ios 12.0, Codebook 3.6.2) do not sync to MacBook (OS 10.13.6,
Codebook 3.6.6). Changes made on MacBook sync fine. I have a 2nd iPad and 2nd MacBook with same software versions that syncs correctly in both directions. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem?

Hi @nolana

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with WiFi sync.

Could you run an integrity check on the iPad that’s not syncing to see if it reports any errors and then retry a sync? Integrity Check can be found under [More] > Settings > Integrity Check

Let me know the results. Thanks!

Integrity Check reports: “No problems were identified."


Thanks for trying that out.

A couple more questions:

  • Are there any errors reported when you attempt to sync and it fails?
  • Have you ever compacted your database on Codebook for macOS (Under File > Compact Database…)?
  • Are there are lot of changes on your iPad that haven’t been seen by other devices?

I do have another suggestion which will hopefully get your back in business. Here are the steps I’d like you to try:

  1. Make sure your two devices that are syncing properly are totally up to date with each other (the MacBook and the 2nd iPad that are syncing fine).
  2. Take a backup of your Codebook data on your MacBook (File > Backups > Backup) and note the date/time that it was taken (this is really just precautionary as backups are taken every time before you sync as well).
  3. Perform an “Overwrite” operation from your iPad that’s not syncing to your MacBook and confirm that all the data that wasn’t syncing previously is over there now.
  4. Perform a standard sync between your MacBook Pro and your 2nd iPad that was syncing fine before. Confirm that the data from the iPad that wasn’t syncing made it over to your 2nd iPad.
  5. As long as the steps above all go as expected, make a test change on the iPad that wasn’t syncing and then attempt to sync it with your MacBook to see if the change makes it over properly this time.

Let me know the results. Thanks!

Thanks for your help. Sync now works normally in both directions.

There was never an error message when syncing. Changes are almost always made on the Mac and synced to the iPad. Problem was encountered when a change was made on iPad and didn’t propogate. A new test after the integrity check worked.


Excellent. Glad I could help. Please feel free to reach out again if you have and further issues, questions, or feedback.