Unable to WiFi sync Codebook for macOS + iOS

Hi, i have an issue with syncing between iphone/ipad (4.4.1) and Macbook M1 (4.4.2) The sync-process stops at 5% with an „time-exceed“-error.
I tried the following steps:
1.deleting sync-key and generating a new one.
2. deleting sync-key and removing shard-data
3. removing codebook on the Macbook including all libs, reinstalled version 4.4.2.,
importing the data, creating a new sync-key.
4. deactivating the firewall
5. forwarding port 57419

no positive result. Can you give me a hint?
thank you.

Hey @flavius

When the sync is stalling at 5% like that, it typically means that the communication between your devices is failing. So you shouldn’t need to do anything with your Sync Keys or Shards directory.

A few of the things that would be good to confirm are:

  1. Are your devices on the same WiFI network?
  2. Are you leaving Codebook for macOS open and unlocked during the process and is it set to Desktop WiFi sync under Codebook menu > Preferences > Sync Tab?
  3. On your iPhone, have you allowed Codebook for Local Network privacy? This setting can be found under iOS Settings > Privacy > Local Network and ensure that the switch next to Codebook is switched on.
  4. Try re-selecting your computer name under within the Local Network browser within Codebook. This can be found at Sync View > Computer Row within Codebook (even if your cached computer name is showing up on that row, select the row and see if your computer name shows up within the Local Network screen and re-select it).

These suggestions, along with a few others are on our Troubleshooting WiFi sync help page here: Codebook Help - Troubleshooting WiFi Sync

Please let me know if these suggestions are helpful. Thanks!

Good evening mmoore,

I found the error. You were right with the failing communication. By scanning the incoming traffic with Wireshark, I recorded some errors / dropped / refused packages → the internal firewall of the MacBook blocked the incoming traffic from codebook. After deactivating the firewall-rule, it works fine. I forgot about the internal firewall and only switched the local-network-firewall off. Thank you for your support.


Glad I could help point you in the right direction and you’re up and running with sync again.

Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions, issues, or feedback.

Have a nice evening!