Desktop WiFi sync randomly stops listening

Desktop WiFi sync on Windows 10 with an iPhone X with Codebook Windows PC is using default Windows 10 security/firewall/anti-virus without any third party anti-virus.

I have noticed that the Sync listener on the desktop seems to stop listening for some reason. It could be after the computer has a sleep/wake cycle, or it could be just from being idle a long time. My Windows computer is usually on all the time, but sometimes I put it to sleep, and I have not been able to determine if this issue is caused by one or the other.

I see the issue when I go into the Sync section of the IOS app, and when browsing for the computer, it does not show up. I can reset this by going into the Sync preferences on the desktop app and changing the radio button from “Desktop WiFi” to “None”, then back to “Desktop WiFi” again. This seems to kick the sync listener back into working order. After I do that, the PC will show up in the IOS app again.

I usually sync 2 to 4 times per month, and this seems to happen maybe 50% of the time.

Hi @orev

Thank you for your report, we will investigate this behavior internally. If you might, the next time this behavior occurs on your system, before you attempt to toggle the sync providers, would you check something else first? Would you launch the Windows Service control panel, you can type services in the Windows search/application launcher. Would you then locate the Bonjour service and let us know if Windows reports that service as running?

A more long-term approach might be to run with debug mode enabled, allowing the capture of a log from the dedicated log window. This may be undesirable if you run the application for a long period of time without restarting it.

You can enable debug mode in Codebook for Windows by logging into the application, then navigating to the Help → About menu item. Next, click on the Codebook logo displayed on the About window 4 times, you should see Debug Mode displayed. Next, close the About window and select the Help → View Log Window menu item.

If you opt to capture a log output, please feel free to send it over to us at if the problem occurs again. Thanks!

It happened again, so I checked the Bonjour service and it IS running.

I have enabled the debug mode and will provide the log when it happens again.


Hello @orev

Sorry to hear about the issue cropping up again for you. We look forward to reviewing your log once you’ve captured it. Thanks!