Only one wifi sync succeeds, then must reboot PC to second device

My system: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - 64-bit
Windows Codebook version

I am running Codebook for iOS version 4.4.3 (1029) on my iPhone (iOS 15.3.1) and my iPad (iOS 14.4). If I try to sync both mobile devices to my Windows PC via WiFi only the first one I try will sync. (Doesn’t matter which one I try first). When I try to sync the second device I get a message on the mobile that says “5% Sending our protocol version”. There is no visible sign of an attempted sync that shows up on the Windows version. I have to select Cancel on the mobile to stop the stalled sync. The listener is running on the Windows version because down in the lower left corner of the screen it says “Listener started on port 57419”.

As a test I closed Codebook from my Windows screen, then to make sure it was stopped I went to the Windows System Tray and selected to Exit Codebook. Restarted Codebook but sync still didn’t work. The only way I can sync two mobile devices is to reboot my Windows PC between sync attempts.

I have Avast Premium Security on my Windows PC. Apparently the Firewall Application Rules are set OK because either iOS device syncs perfectly IF IT IS THE FIRST ONE I TRY!

Hi @Brian_Wanamaker

Thanks very much for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum.

I believe we’re already interfacing with you via private support about this issue. It will be good to post back here publicly once we determine the cause of the issue and resolution in case anyone else is running into a similar problem.