(dropbox.com error 403.) null dropbox - syncing from yosemite mac to dropbox


Hi Zetetic Community,

I’m just setting up a new Power Mac running Yosemite. Installed STRIP fine and got it to sync. But now it won’t update my Dropbox. I get a “(dropbox.com error 403.)” error and NULL on link to the dropbox in the dropdown menu.

Any ideas how to fix please?




Hi @mel,

Thanks so much for choosing STRIP and sorry to hear about the error on sync. It might help to quit and re-launch the app, sign in, and turn sync off and back on, just to see if it’s some kind of temporary issue with STRIP itself:

  1. Sign in to STRIP
  2. Click on STRIP in the menu bar and select Preferences
  3. On the Preferences window select the Sync tab
  4. Uncheck “Enable Sync,” wait a second or two, then check “Enable Sync”

At that point you should see the current Dropbox account information displayed at the bottom of the Preferences window. Close it and give Sync -> Start Sync a shot.

If the error persists, go back to the Preferences windows and click on the “Unlink” button to drop the current Dropbox authorization, then attempt to launch another sync. This will cause STRIP to ask you to re-authorize the app to access your account and allow sync to proceed.

Could you give that a shot and let us know if it helps?


Thanks for the swift reply. Your instructions fixed the problem. Thanks :slight_smile:


uh oh, I spoke too soon… have now lost contact with dropbox, although it says I’m connected with dropbox. I can’t see an ‘unlink’ option in the preferences window. Sync is doing nothing.

From the Sync dropdown menu there is no Dropbox connection.

From the preferences / Sync / tab it says I’m connected to dropbox?

Please help.




Hi @mel, I wrote you back from our support box but for anybody else following along looking for help:

Sorry to hear about the continued trouble. A 403 error indicates “permission denied,” so it sounds like the authorization from the last sync is no longer any good. However, it’s weird the app is in such an errant state as a result. Could you try relaunching the app and seeing if you can reset the sync settings from Preferences, perhaps selecting another sync method and switching back to Dropbox. At that point we should at least have the Unlink button back, I’d think. If not, we can try resetting the Preferences database. To do this:

  • Quit STRIP
  • In Finder select Go menu -> Go To Folder menu item
  • In the dialog that appears paste: ~/Library/Containers/net.zetetic.Strip.mac/Data/Library/Preferences
  • In the folder that opens look for a file named net.zetetic.Strip.mac and delete it
  • Launch STRIP—all your preferences will be reset so you may need to update some of your settings
  • Re-enable Sync, select Dropbox, and try kicking off a new sync


Hi, thanks for your reply, I managed to reset STRIP by removing the .default file (I found how to do this from one of your other replies to another post) and restarting then it allowed me to relink to DROPBOX and everything is back to how it should be again.

thanks for your help



Thanks again for your help William.

Kind regards