Failed to transition data from legacy remote data base

When trying to sync ios 4 from phone to google drive.

I keep getting this error message> if you have changed your master password and haven’t synced since? If so, temporarily change it back and retry the operation.

So I did change my Master password, changed it back… same error.

Hi @sitano

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles with the recent upgrade. Did you attempt a sync once you changed your master password?

Yes, I set both the desktop & phone to the old password & tried to sync google drive. Fail… then reset both to the new password & tried to sync to google drive again, failed. Then I tried old on the phone only, Fail, then old on the desktop, fail… Then new on the phone, old on desktop, then old on the phone & new on the desktop, then shut the desktop down & went through all the combinations again… Fail, fail fail… > Failed to transition data from Legacy remote database

So the issues is with google drive…

I could sync the phone & desktop no problem, also I could sync to DropBox…

Hi @sitano

Is it possible that the backup stored on Google Drive is using a master password that you did not try? When was the last time that you synced with Google Drive?

The last time I was able to sync Google Drive was in the older OS 3??, (I alway keep current) But should I or anyone have access to the folder where ever it stored on Google Drive?``

Yes, Goggle Drive is the only issue, I have used it for as long as I can remember. I have tried both the old & new passwords,

Now is there a way to see master passwords from lets say last year?

Hello @sitano

I apologize for the delayed response. Unfortunately, you cannot view the password you used to encrypt the replica database stored on Google Drive. This would need to have been a master password you used at one point in time. You would need to change your local master password to previous master password’s you’ve used in the past, then attempt a sync. If the master password is a match for the remote replica stored on Google Drive, it will then be able to migrate your remote copy.

This is a benefit of the new synchronization system in Codebook 4. Your master password is not tied to the encrypted replica data stored on Google Drive. This allows a user to change their master password and not have it impact syncing.

Would you give the steps above a try and let us know your results? Thanks!

Is there a way I can use a backups form Time Machine to get old Master passwords?

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Hello @sitano - yes, it is possible to recover a Time Machine backup. Codebook data is stored in ~/Library/Containers/net.zetetic.Strip.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Strip, in a package called default.strip.