Favorite folder


Is there a way of creating a FavorIte folder in a Strip to group together most commonly used entries? If not, worth considering as a future feature


Hi @Steven_Curtis

There are a few options here, depending on how you use STRIP, and what platforms you are using. STRIP does allow you to create custom categories. Thus, it is possible to create a new category called Favorites and place all your common entries in there for quick access.

In addition, the Mobile versions of STRIP (i.e. Android, iPhone, and iPad) have a special view called “Recents”. This shows you entries that you have used in the recent past. In practice, this view usually contains the most frequently accessed entries because they are used so often.

Would either of these options work for you?


Thanks for that.
The new category is a reasonable workaround. I do, however, reference the Favorites star in the now seemingly defunct Safewallet, where you can keep entries in their proper categories, but by signifying it as a Favorite, the entry would also appear in the special Favorites folder, without needing to create duplicates - maybe a feature for the future


@Steven_Curtis Thanks for hashing out the idea a bit further. We really like it, we’ll be discussing it at our design/planning meeting for STRIP next week. Cheers!