Feature request: delete entry or note from 'Recents' and 'Search'


I’m currently converting all my imported notes into entries with fields.

But I’ve found that I can’t delete a note (directly) when I found it via ‘Recents’ or ‘Search’.

To convert each note into an entry requires lots of copying and pasting backwards and forwards between the old note and the new entry - to shorten this, I make much use of the ‘Recents’ list.

But, when I’m done and want to delete the old note, I have to go right back to the main list, and locate the note, then delete it. I have a couple of hundred notes to sort through so that I can find the one I’m after and delete it so this takes a while. Kinda frustrating when I can see it in ‘Recents’.

This would be much quicker if I could delete it directly from the ‘Recents’ (or ‘Search’) list.


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Hi @teracow, thanks for the suggestion. I recently had a similar problem with the Journal view and we enabled deleting records from the list there. We’ll take a look at offering delete from the Search and Recents views as well. Cheers!


Just saw the new version now has this feature.

Thanks! :slight_smile: