Feature Request


In the notes field, having the ability to perform a hard keyboard return. Either hitting return or shft-return. When you want to add notes, you have to type them up in TextEdit and then copy paste into the notes field. This would be a huge time saver.


Hi @TheMadCow

Thanks for your support of Codebook and for writing with this feature request. Could I ask which platform(s) you’re referring to?

Within Note Fields you should be able to hit return and have it go to the next line (as opposed to ending editing of that field).

Could you check what “Mode” the field you’re using is? This can be found under File → Customize Labels in the Desktop platforms.




Yes, it’s CB for Mac. Currently on Version 3.3.0 (476). The notes category I’ve defined is plain text. When hitting return, it ends editing.




Thanks for the response. The default behavior for “Plain Text” fields is to end editing on return. If you switch the mode of the field in question to “Note” it should produce the desired behavior (return will move to the next line rather than end editing).

Let me know if this allows you to create multiline notes by just using the return key. Thanks!



Excellent, that’s the fix. Works great. Please consider this ticket answered. Thank you.




Awesome. Glad I could help.

I’ve marked that response as the solution for anyone else that comes across this topic.

Have a good one!