Google Drive authorisation

I had my Windows 7 laptop wiped out and fresh Corp image of Windows 10 installed. I installed Codebook and selected Google Drive Sync.

When I go to “Sync / Restore from Google Drive” it pops up a window. In that Window I enter my username and then my password.

After that there is a Window I have never seen before:
“Please copy the code, switch to your application and paste it there:”

Where can I paste the code?

Hi @tuxcomputers

What version of Codebook for Windows do you have installed on your new machine? The authentication token from Google Drive should have already been processed by Codebook. Would you try closing that additional window and initiating the restore from the menu again?

Codeook version 3.018.0.

I have tried dozens of times, on the Corp Network, on 4G network, on the home network.

After the first time the popup window asks me which Google account and then asks me to copy and paste the code.

When I close the popup window the progress it is at “5% - Initializing process”

Oh, I just checked and that is not the latest Codebook, I thought I downloaded it yesterday. I must have got the old version from my USB drive.

Will download the latest and report back.

Codebook 3.0.36 works just fine when you install it from the right download location.

Hi @tuxcomputers

We are happy to hear everything is working for you now!

I realised it was NOT the latest version pretty quickly by going to the release notes, then scrolling up… and scrolling up… and scrolling up… and scrolling up some more.

Hi @tuxcomputers

You may also want to make sure you have the option to check for updated selected in the preferences window: