GUI - date field different when re-selecting date


Codebook v3.1.6 (451) on iOS 9.3.5 on an iPhone 5


This might be a bug.

I created a field named ‘Date Of Birth’ as a ‘date’ data type.

I create a new entry then add a new field of this type. I select my required date using the date-rollers, which is then pasted into the new field.

If I create another new entry, then add a new field with this same custom date type, the app again shows the date-rollers with the previously selected date but but the display at the top shows todays date:

If I tap ‘Done’, then today’s date is pasted - not the date that was shown on the date rollers.

To actually get that previous date, I have to move one of the rollers a bit so it updates the date display at the top of the selection screen, then move it back.

Suggest that the date display at top match the date-rollers on re-entry to the date selection screen.

Personally, I like that it remembers the previous date I had selected. :slight_smile:



Hi @teracow

Thanks for the detailed report. I was able to reproduce the issue, and we’re working on a fix now. We’ll most likely have it default to the today’s date when you bring up the new date field view, as people may have date labels for multiple different purposes – i.e in your example you have a “date of birth” one and may also have one for “appointment date”. In those cases the dates would be drastically different and it wouldn’t be helpful to remember the previous date. Although I can also think of a few other cases where having it remember the last used date would be handy, we believe that having it default to today’s date is most useful.

I’ll update this thread when we’ve got a fresh beta ready to test that resolves the issue.

Thanks again for taking the time!



Hi @teracow

We released a beta build – 3.1.7 build 459 – to external testers which includes a fix for this issue. Whenever you get a chance, could you try it out and let me know if it resolves the issue for you? As I mentioned in my previous reply, the date picker should now default to “Today” to be consistent with the text field above it.

Thanks again for taking the time.



Hi Micah,

I’ve installed #459 and can confirm this now works as you’ve indicated. Thank you.

Any possibility that this can remember the previously entered date (for the current session only), but include another button to select today’s date? I’ve used that setup for my own date-picker code for many years and have found that it works fine. A pet peev of mine are GUIs that can’t remember what I’ve previously entered. :wink:

Most dates that I select will not be today and having to repeatedly reselect a date other than today is a pain. The ‘Frequently Used’ option is a great idea, but looks like this was not enabled for dates.



Hi @teracow,

I have a different view of it. IMO, recalling previously used dates is unlikely to be helpful—why would you need to keep putting the same date in over and over again? I would think expiration dates for accounts, credit cards, or passwords, for example, would all be different. I’ve personally never had that need. I can think of only one instance: entering your birthday. But presumably you know that date already!



Hi @teracow

Thanks for confirming this fix. I tend to agree with @wgray about the use cases of the date fields. I also have another suggestion, that we’ve found useful, if you find yourself frequently re-using the same date field:

  • Create a template entry that already contains your “Date of Birth” field filled in.
  • Each time you’d like to create a new entry that contains “Date of Birth” copy the existing template entry and paste it into whichever category you’d like.
  • Edit the pasted entry’s name and add any other fields or fill in any other field values to complete the newly pasted entry.

Here’s a quick example:

Let me know if this suggestion is helpful in fulfilling your use case.



We could look at adding the Frequently Used option to the date picker field UI.


Hi Micah,

Thank you for your great suggestion.

Probably should mention at this point though, that whilst my example reads “Date Of Birth”, I don’t actually enter my date of birth. This was just to demonstrate the issue.