GUI - vertical row table line missing after adding field


Codebook v3.1.6 (451) on iOS 9.3.5 on an iPhone 5


Possibly a screen bug?

After adding a field to an entry, and returning to the entry while still in edit mode, the vertical line between the field name and the row-movement button (? … the 3 horizontal lines on the right of the display) is missing.

In the screenshot below, I added a field (‘Country’), then ‘Save’ the entry, then ‘Edit’ and added a new field (‘Gender’), to show the problem:

It remains missing until I tap ‘Save’ then ‘Edit’ again.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi @teracow

Thanks for your continued support of Codebook and for the detailed explanation.

We’ve noticed this in the past as well, and believe it’s related to a UIKit bug. I was able to reproduce it on iOS 8, and iOS 9, but it appears to be resolved on iOS 10. Because of this we don’t plan on making any further modifications, or workarounds to try to resolve it on older iOS’s.

Are you planning on updating to iOS 10? If so, could you let us know whether this issue is resolved when you do?



Hi Micah,

No, staying with 9.3.5 on this iPhone 5.

I experienced the debacle that was iOS 6 on my iPhone 3GS so won’t be upgrading the 5. May look at getting a secondhand iPhone 6S instead.



FWIW I have enjoyed using iOS 10 on my trusty old iPhone 5S.