iPhone 7 codebook app has no content

I have change my iPhone from 6 to 7. However, the codebook app is there but without content. Where is it?

Hello @webo148156

Codebook does not synchronize data by default, however has built-in support for synchronization over Dropbox, Google Drive, and local WiFi when utilizing Codebook on the desktop. We have put together some instructions on getting started with synchronization here. Would you give those a try and let us know if you have any additional questions? Thanks!

I have experienced the same thing with my iPhone 7 … i.e. for some reason it just has no content. I have found the only way I can get my content back is DELETE the app from my iPhone, then REINSTALL the app again from the App Store. Then I have to do the whole set up process to get it going. When complete, all my data/content is back! I have noticed that this disappearing act of content only happens when I sync from my iMac. My Macbook Pro gets the sync just fine, but with my iPhone, I always have to delete the codebook app and then install it again in order to complete the sync. BUT! when I sync from my iPhone, my iMac and Macbook Pro get the sync without issue. Or, when I sync from my Macbook Pro, my iPhone and iMac get the sync without issue. I only lose the content, only on my iPhone, and only when I sync from my iMac. It’s interesting that this problem has been going on since 2016!

Hey @Cstar

I apologize for the delay in response. Thanks very much for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. I have a few questions to get us started trying to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. When you mention your iPhone 7 has no content after sync, do you mean that when you login to Codebook, none of the data is present (including the sample categories)? Or is some of the synced data present, but not all of it? Or are you presented with an entirely white screen?
  2. What sync method are you using (Google Drive, Dropbox, Desktop WiFi)?
  3. Do any errors occur during sync, if so what do the error messages say?
  4. If you run an Integrity Check on your iPhone 7 after this occurs does it report any issues? Integrity Check on Codebook for iOS can be found under [More] > Settings > Integrity Check.
  5. If you run Integrity Check on your iMac does it report any issues? Integrity Check on Codebook for macOS can be found under File > Integrity Check

If you’d prefer to correspond privately, feel free to write us at support@zetetic.net

Good questions. Here we go

  1. I am presented with an entirely white screen? Hence I delete the app and reinstall
    the app to get all my data back.
  2. I’m using Dropbox
  3. No errors occur during the sync process.
    As mentioned, syncing between iMac and MacBook Pro., and viscera, and even between MacBook and iPhone, no issues.
  4. I’ve never run an integrity check before,
    I’ll do one of those and let you know what happens.
    Thanks for responding back


Thanks very much for those responses. We’ve had a couple reports of a white screen being presented after login intermittently, but haven’t been able to reproduce it or get to the bottom of the cause. Typically users who experienced the issue were able to resolve it by fully restarting their device and/or Codebook and then logging in again.

A couple of additional questions:

  1. When this behavior occurs, if you restart your device and then attempt to login to Codebook again does the same thing occur?
  2. Do you have Touch ID login enabled? If so, is the behavior any different if you disable it and login using your Codebook Master Password instead?
  3. Do you have the Codebook Autolock timer enabled under [More] > Settings > Login Settings > User Timer?
  4. What iOS version is your iPhone 7 on?

Okay then,
1. Yes, I have tried the restart (reboot) my iPhone, but that does not fix the problem, I still have a blank white screen when I go to open the app…
2. Yes, I have Touch ID enabled. I attempted that proceedure. The problem is; is that I do get the Touch ID pop up screen, and I can see that behind that pop-up screen;
the main screen is just a blank white, I do not see the normal Codebook logo/Master Password field with the GO>> button, the main screen is just all white.
This is my clue that I will need to delete the app and reinstall it. When I tap on the Cancel (from the pop-up Touch ID screen) or touch that Touch ID pop-up prompt screen,
(which should then open up the Master Password input screen) so I can enter my Master Password. Well, the Touch ID prompt screen disappears as it should,
but no Master Password input screen displays, just that blank white screen.
3. I have the AUTO-LOCK TIMER in the Off position. I have never set it.
4. My iPhone 7 iOS is running on the latest version: iOS 13.4.1
FYI … It did it again with the blank white screen just now as I wrote this email. So; I Deleted the app, and reinstall it again.
It is working now that I did that … for now … But I suspect it will fail again shortly. I didn’t even do a sync. So; this is new.
Hope this helps.

Just for grins; I shut down my iPhone 7 and then restarted it.
The app failed, The dreaded white screen came bank after a re-boot of the iPhone 7
Just an FYI


Thanks for those further details and sorry the suggestion didn’t help at all. Could you write into support@zetetic.net so we can troubleshoot further with you. Thanks!

Sure, I’d be glad to write this into support…