Journal Issues in Codebook 5

The Journal category in Codebook 5 (4178) displays all pre-existing journal entries. However, I cannot create any new journal entries.


Thanks for beta testing and posting, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble adding an Entry from the Journal View.

The Journal View displays all “Note Entries” stored within Codebook. To add a new Entry from the Journal View, you can tap the plus button in the upper right hand corner then choose a Category for the Note to reside in (i.e. Notes). After completing editing the newly created note, you can go back to the Journal View and it should be visible at the top of the Journal List.

Does this allow you to add a New Note and have it display in the Journal View?

If not, then there may be a bug that we’d like to further investigate:

  • Where during the steps does the error occur?
  • Does tapping the plus button not doing anything?
  • Are you not presented with the Note Editing view after selecting a category?
  • What device type and iOS version are you running?


When I started the Codebook beta, I had one Journal entry in my Notes category. This pre-existing Journal entry was synced successfully everywhere (iOS/iPadOS/macOS).

I discovered the following Journal issues:

  1. New Journal entries cannot be created on macOS. Clicking + under Joumal creates a standard entry.

  2. Journal items created on iOS do not synch at all.

  3. New items in the Notes category do not synch at all.

Codebook Beta devices:

iPhone 14 Pro Max:
Model Number MQ8W3LL/A
iOS Version 17.3.1
Codebook 4178 (4179 not available via TestFlight)

Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019
Processor 3.7 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5
Graphics Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB
Memory 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
Startup disk MacIntosh SSD
macOS Sonoma 14.3.1
Codebook 4179


Thank you for the reports. I’ve tried reproducing the issues, but have been unable to so far.

New Journal entries cannot be created on macOS. Clicking + under Joumal creates a standard entry.

The behavior should be as follows on macOS:

  • With the Journal View selected, you can either add a new Note or a new Standard Entry. There are two separate tool bar buttons at the top of the window (tool bar). The plus button at the bottom of the window creates a new Standard Entry:

  • In either of those cases, you should be prompted to choose a category in which to store the Entry

  • If you chose to create a standard Entry, the Category which you chose will be selected from the left hand pane and a new Standard Entry will be created and brought into edit mode. If you chose to create a Note Entry the Journal will stay selected and a new Note Entry will be created and brought into edit mode.

If this isn’t happening, could you describe what happens when you choose the Category in which to store the entry when attempting to add it while the Journal view is selected?

Do you happen to be using Google Drive sync?

The reason I ask is because this latest update has a permission change and now syncs to a new location within Google Drive (AppData folder specifically for Codebook) so all devices need to be updated to the latest versions to be able to successfully sync data between them.

You mentioned that TestFlight isn’t showing the 4179 build for you, if you’re still on 4178 on iOS and 4179 on macOS they won’t be able to sync data via Google Drive (even though sync completes) because they are syncing to a different location.

If you’re not syncing via Google Drive, which sync method are you using? Codebook Cloud?


Today, I was finally able to install 4179 on my iOS/iPadOS devices.

Reference Journal entries (i.e. Notes):

  1. I can create new Journal entries on my iPhone 14 & iPad Air 4 using the +.
  2. Journal entries on macOS can only be created using the File > New Note menu.
  3. All Journal entries (old & new) synch to all devices (iOS/iPadOS/macOS).

Clicking Journal + on macOS always defaults to a standard (non-Note) entry.

I am synching via Codebook Cloud.


Thanks for the response and glad you were able to update to 4179. So just to confirm it sounds like everything is working properly for you?

You should also be able to use the toolbar item as shown in my previous screenshot.

Thanks for this feedback. I could see it being more useful to create a Note Entry by default when clicking the + button when the Journal view is selected. I’m going to bring this up with the rest of the team as well.

Yes, everything is working properly.

I was unaware of the New Note toolbar button on macOS. It works!


Just wanted to follow up with you about this. I’ve discussed it with the rest of the team and we think it’s a good idea to have the + button default to adding a new Note when the Journal view is selected. This behavior should be adjusted in the next beta version.

Related to the discoverability of the New Note toolbar item, You can customize the Codebook for macOS toolbar to display icons/text or both icons + text (as is in my previous screenshot). To do this, you can right click on the toolbar and select the desired display.

Thanks again for beta testing and providing this feedback!