Language setting

Hi, Codebook is using French as Language. Can I change this to English? My device’s (iPhone 12) primary language is Dutch.

Hi @Kristien_Hoefnagels,

Thanks for using Codebook and sorry for the trouble! We’ll look into what’s going on there.

We don’t have a Dutch translation available, but you can specify the language to use just for Codebook, for instance the English U.S. translation, in the Settings app.

Launch the Settings app (Instellingen), scroll down to until you see Codebook and tap on it (or Search for it from the top of the Settings app), and there should be a Preferred Language setting there (Voorkeurstaal) where you can specify the language to use from one of your Preferred Languages.

To add a language that isn’t already on that list to that list (e.g. English if you want the base translation), you’ll need to visit this view in Settings:

General > Language & Region > Add Language…

In Dutch that appears to be:

Algemeen > Taal en regio > Voeg taal toe…

Please let us know if that helps.