Making a Notes Field Multiple lines


Is there a way to make a Notes field multiple line long and be able to view it all? I’ve been clicking and dragging rather randomly I can expand the viewable field to arbitrary number of lines. Is there a better way. Thanks.
Joe H


Hi @jh0lland

What version of STRIP are you using on the desktop? Also, are you using the Windows or Mac version of the software?


Dear Sir,
I am using Strip 2.5.2 under MacOS 10.10.5. Ideas?
Joe Holland
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Hi @jh0lland,

Currently the Note field view height isn’t being updated until editing is committed. Ideally it should recalculate the height for the row and animate the cell size appropriately as you edit. This is an old outstanding issue, we’re taking another look at it right now, be nice to get this fixed up soon.



Shout if you need any testing done I have MacOS, iOS, Android and Windoze platforms available to me for testing.
I find a major use of a PSWD util to be the accompanying notes and for data that I don’t want left in the clear on my platform. It is a habit I develop using Strip on Palm OS So getting the Notes field working correctly is a big deal for me. thanks for the data dump.

Joe Holland

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Thanks, Joe, will do! We’re always accepting new beta testers and hope to start external testing in the upcoming weeks for the next version of STRIP.


Anything to test regarding making Notes Fields Multiple lines?

Also a parallel issue is that Note filed that are expanded on the Desktop (Mac) version when sync’d and read on the iOS version are one line. Making them pretty useless.


Hi @jh0lland, sorry for the delay getting back to you. At the moment we are working on 2.5.4 releases of STRIP for iOS and STRIP for OS X to address some immediate issues. The next major version of STRIP is waiting in the wings for external testing, that’s the version that has some really nice changes for notes (including note fields that resize as you type). But we’re having some problems with code-signing on the Mac version that are holding us up. Because the next major version changes the database structure we have to have all versions ready to go for external testing to support our testers and test everything properly. We’ve got you on our list, we’ll be sure to reach out when we’re ready to roll, thank you for asking!


Thanks. Sometime over a beer I’d love to know what broke the Notes field resizing because way back in the PalmOS days that was a slick feature.
Take care.
Joe Holland
Cell: 909-553-8436
Landline: 909-794-4624