Move item to a different category?

How can I move an item from one category to another? When software goes obsolete, I want to move the entry to an archive category.

Hello @myronm

Here’s how to move an entry to a different category on each platform:

OS X & Windows: Select the category that contains the entry. Drag and drop the entry to another category.

iOS & Android:
There are 2 different ways:

  1. Edit the entry and tap on the entry name to bring up a view where you can change the category.
  2. Long tap on the entry and select “Move”, a list of categories will appear, select the category you’d like to move the entry to.

Ah. The problem is that if I do a search for an item, I don’t necessarily know what category it is currently in because categories are not displayed for an item.

I have to go category by category by category looking for the item manually before I can move it.

Enhancement request: I should be able to search for a record then drag that record anywhere like

Ron LaPedis

Hi @myronm

Thanks for the feedback.

On OS X and Windows the category associated with the entry is displayed under the entry name in the Entry details panel after searching and selecting an entry.

Windows currently allows the drag and drop from search results behavior you’re describing. We’ll take a look at enabling the drag from search results to other categories on OS X to match the behavior in Windows.

Long tap on the entry in iOS has no effect.

Ron LaPedis


I’ve included a screenshot of what it should look like when you long tap (press and hold - probably “long press” would have been a better term) your finger on the entry:

From that menu you can tap “Move” and it will bring up a category list where you can select where to move it to.

It is only currently possible to move entries when navigating in the “Categories” tab. Although we may consider adding this functionality to the other views as well.

Could you let me know if this isn’t the behavior you’re seeing? Thanks!

Ah… Again, doesn’t work from search. I have too many records to scan through a category for the record I want.

PS: my iPhone hangs at 96% when syncing. Only restore seems to work. 9.3.

Ron LaPedis

Hi @myronm

The move during search functionality should be coming to Mac soon. If you’re interested in early access, I can notify you when we’re beta testing it.

PS: my iPhone hangs at 96% when syncing. Only restore seems to work. 9.3.

Which sync method are you using? If you’re using a cloud service sync method (Google Drive or Dropbox) could you try a couple of preliminary suggestions:

  1. Unlink and re-link your cloud service account. (Go to the sync view, tap the account row, tap un-link, then tap the account row and sign in again).
  2. Move your strip.db file outside of the Zetetic folder within your cloud service provider, then try syncing again.
  3. Try syncing over Desktop WiFi to see if that’s successful.

Let me know the results of these 3 suggestions. Thanks.