Opening Secret Agent opens STRIP window


In order to fill in a website password I will use the short-cut keys to open the Secret Agent. As soon as the Secret Agent password has been entered the full STRIP window opens in the background.

The Secret Agent works as advertised, but all the full STRIP window remains visible until STRIP auto-locks or I close it manually.

Is this normal behaviour? It seems to defeat the point of the Secret Agent, if so.

I’d be grateful of any words of advice/tweaks.

Mavericks/Yosemite with Strip 2.4.2


@Not_Given, when you say that the STRIP window opens in the background, do you mean the main app window is being shown when you activate Secret Agent, over the window of the application you are already using? Or is it just loaded up in the background?

If the former, we’ve got a bug. If the latter, that’s how it works. I’m not sure why it would defeat the purpose of the feature, it’s an interface that makes it easier for you to use your STRIP data in other applications and so far it seems to be doing the trick for us and our customers.



Dear WGray,

Thanks for replying so quickly. It is the latter, so maybe this should be recoded as a feature request. Here’s my reasoning/usage:

I have a database of passwords and say I need one of them for a website. I activate Secret Agent and use the very neat copy/paste functionality of it to fill in the login details etc. At this point I now have a list visible on my screen of all the sites with which I am affiliated(or at least those in the selected group). This remains on screen until time-out or I manually close the window. This has obvious security implications and provides unnecessary clutter if I’m only looking to access one record.

I had assumed the ‘Secret Agent’ was designed as a method of accessing passwords when required, but without ‘advertising’ the presence of STRIP on my system.

So here is my request: An option to load strip in the normal manner to administer the database with an option to load Secret Agent standalone to fill a text box and then ‘disappear’ without opening the full ‘STRIP’ window.

I hope the above is clear, Thanks for your consideration.


Interestingly, I’ve just tried the Secret Agent on my Windows system and it works without opening up the full window of passwords etc. The behaviour of Secret Agent on Windows is as I would expect and definitely different to my mac. What am I doing wrong?

Yours aye,


Ok. I’ve done some more investigating on my Mac.

If the STRIP application is fully shut down, then accessing the Secret Agent via the short-cut keys works as I would expect (no strip window). However, after the time-out lock, if Secret Agent is called for a second time then as soon as the password is entered the full database becomes visible.

A re-install has no effect.


@Not_Given We’ll be changing this in the next version of STRIP for OS X, we’re testing it out now. Thanks!