Password not saving after generating password

I’ve seen several times when generating an updated password for an existing entry where when you click save the last updated date/time does not update to current time. If I happen to sync when this occurs my new pass word is overwritten by my dropbox sync. I’m running current version If I notice the last updated time stamp has not updated. I can edit the password and place a space at the end, click save and then the time stamp updates. i then edit and remove the space, save again and the time stamp updates one last time then I can sync without issues.

This does not happen each time I generate a new password, I happen to be updated several dozen during this update cycle and have noticed the problem several times.

Hello @jgroene

Thank you for your report, we were able to reproduce this issue which appears localized to using the password generator. We will continue to investigate and will publish a fix soon. Thank you!

Hello @jgroene

We have just released Codebook for Windows 3.0.32 which includes a fix for the password generator issue not persisting the newly created password. Thank you again for your report!