Proxy settings for Windows App



Would it be possible to add configurable manual proxy settings into the windows app?

Unfortunately the network on which I use the windows version on, uses “Auto Detect” which doesn’t allow dropbox authentication using the API. I’ve been fine up to now as i’ve been able to configure the dropbox app to use a different proxy therefore allowing sync.

I’ve had to roll back to v2.4.10 as this is the only way I can get the sync working correctly.

Another option would be a toggle for the “old” method of dropbox sync?




Hello @rubberbandboy

We do not have any immediate plans to add manual proxy configurations within STRIP for Windows? If I may ask, what version of Windows are you currently running in your restricted network?



PC is running Windows 7 Enterprise. The proxy software in question is bluecoat, which is using a “round robin” proxy server configuration. I believe the issue is that the software is not passing the current login credentials to the server (the browsers automatically pass current windows authentication details) therefore the request is denied. I am able to specify the credentials within the dropbox app allowing me to satisfy the proxy allowing access.

I’m aware of software like proxifier which might be able to tunnel the connection but seems slightly extreme!



Hello @rubberbandboy

We will keep this idea in mind for the future, however this is the first request we’ve received for this particular feature. It may be worth investigating whether or not proxifier will work in your situation in the interim. Thanks!


I would also like to add a request for this feature. I’m using the cntlm service to allow apps like Dropbox get past our restrictive corporate proxy. This works with many other apps as well. Please expose manual proxy options for Codebook also.