Recover Codebook using Remote Sync

I’ve been using Codbook for over a year and like it using remote synch on Dropbox.
Suddenly I have a problem where the synchs do not finish with message:
Failed to apply changes from remote

This happens whether I am using my Mac, iOS, or PC. Can someone link me to a post that describes how to recover Codebook, or reinstall it from scratch? I’m using Mac4.5.18. of note, my PC version of Codebook offers to upgrade to that version, but it never finishes this update successfully.
Thank you…

Hi @SneakPeak,

Thank you for your support of Codebook, although I’m sorry to hear about the recent troubles, I would be happy to help. It might be more expedient to have you reach out to us directly via We can guide you through capturing a sync log which will provide further detail into the issue, then we’ll be able to provide steps to resolve the issue. We can also provide a direct link to the Codebook for Windows installer as well. Thanks!