Codebook write any error, and it doesn't sync

The sync button is inactive. Sync phrase entered. I tried reinstalling, it didn’t help. It doesn’t matter if I sync from Drobbox or from the local directory

Hello @Daniel,

I’m sorry about the troubles you are experiencing, I would be happy to help. Would you mind fully shutting down Codebook for Windows via File → Exit Application, then relaunch the application and let us know if you are able to resume syncing?

Hi, thank you for your support, yes after shutting down the program and then starting it the sync button lights up, but after pressing sync the program doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t display any message

Hi @Daniel,

Which sync service do you have selected currently? It may be helpful to capture a log of what is occurring to further understand the situation. We can do this by enabling debug mode within the application.

You can enable debug mode in Codebook for Windows by logging into the application, then navigating to the Help → About menu item. Next, click on the Codebook logo displayed on the About window 4 times, you should see Debug Mode displayed. Next, close the About window and select the Help → View Log Window menu item.

Would you fully shutdown Codebook for Windows, launch again, then enable the debug option above, and finally attempt a sync. From the log window you can select the log contents and send it to us at for further analysis. Thanks!

Thank you, log sent…

Hi @Daniel

Thank you, we have reviewed the log and provided additional feedback via our support ticket. We look forward to receiving your update.