Saving PDF or photos on CodeBook?

Is it possible to save PDF documents or photos JPG files to CodeBook. That would really enhance its usefulness.

Hi @alalani

We are interested in supporting file attachments within Codebook too! This is a feature we would like to add in a future release, however it requires an update to our synchronization system which we are currently working on. Thanks again for your feedback!

Thanks. Looking forward to that version. Will then get the desktop version too.

Hi @alalani,

I just wanted to let you know we’ve release Codebook 4.4 which contains support for image and PDF attachments on standard entries. More information about this release can be found here:


I’m gleefully adding (not too big and not too many) attachments (keyfiles and such). Other than in the category view that show’s a paperclip for attachments, there’s nothing in the record to indicate an attachment other than clicking the attachment tab. Could there be a colored indicator show it has one or some other indicator that would tell you at a glance? And by the way, THANK YOU. I know this has been a standing request of mine for several years.

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Hi TheMadCow, here’s a handy trick to manage this. Create a new plain text, unmasked label called Attachments. Add it to any entries which have attachments and type in the type of data or file in a form that’s meaningful to you. Eg, PDF, JPG, Image, Doc, Keyfile, PEM, whatever.


Not only does that let you see at a glance what kind of data is attached but you can also quickly enter one of those strings into the search field and instantly see all entries which have, eg PEM keyfiles.

Seconded, it’s a very useful upgrade, thankyou.


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Hi @chrisz, that’s an interesting idea, thanks for making the suggestion! I was thinking similarly that perhaps the top of the entry view could be updated with a status label somewhere indicating the presence of attachments, or a count of them, without the need to click or tap over to the Images view.

We’re planning to review the feature itself and any comments in early November, so now’s a great time for feedback if anybody else has suggestions, problems, etc.

Hi @chrisz and @TheMadCow,

We just released 4.4.1 for iOS and macOS today, which includes a new paperclip icon on the entry view that is displayed when attachments are present on an entry. This will be rolling out on Android and Windows soon as well.

Came here to ask about this, because I did not even notice the paperclip. Thanks for adding that, it’s really useful to see which have an attachment.