Secret Agent not called up properly

I used the default keybinding ‘Ctrl+Shift+’ to bring up Secret Agent. It works the 1st time, but on the subsequent time the Secret Agent seems to think that I pressed the last ‘’ again and clears the previous search and shows ‘’ instead. I tried with different keybinds e.g 'Ctrl+Shift+.'but it still behaves the same way. I have changed the keyboard settings repeat rate but did not resolve the issue. I’m seeing this issue on MS Surface Pro 3 with Surface Pro keyboard (Windows 8.1) and also HP 8460p laptop (Windows 7).

Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+’ for 1st time.
Secret Agent pops up.
Key in ‘Gmail’ in Secret Agent.
Gmail entry appears. Double click on Website.
Secret Agent disappears. Website opens in web browser.
Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+’ for 2nd time for login name.
Secret Agent pops up and briefly shows the ‘Gmail’ entry and then immediately show ‘’ in the search window.

Please help.

Hello @Husni_H

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are experiencing. We have received one other report of this behavior, however we have not been able to reproduce this locally. We will continue to investigate this further. Thank you.