Secret Agent Tabbing


Hello - the “Secret Agent” concept is an interesting difference from the browser plugin approach of 1Password and others, especially since we can use it for easily entering credentials anywhere, such as in non-browser systems (terminal, wifi etc).

What I noticed that could be streamlined is, at least on the Mac OS X version I’m using, you cannot tab between the fields inside the Secret Agent itself.

So you enter like this:

  • Put focus on username field in browser
  • SA activator keystroke
  • Search for the entry
  • Enter on username
  • Tab to password
  • SA activator keystroke
  • Press arrow to get to other field in SA
  • Enter on password

What I propose to streamline it is:

  • Press tab (or arrow) to get to other field in SA

Arrows are fine too, but if you are always switching using the tab key, consistently, it makes for a smoother entry experience.

I hope you’ll consider.



Hi @rickcogley

Thank you for your feedback, we do appreciate customer suggestions. Unfortunately navigating within a list control to move up or down with the tab key is not a common user interface behavior for Windows or OS X. The tab key is generally reserved for navigating to other controls on the screen, such as text field to text field in your example. We do agree that the user interaction within Secret Agent could be streamlined when multiple data entries are executed serially.


Hi @developernotes Nick, yes, that’s understandable. Perhaps if the user could mark fields as “auto entry” and upon pressing enter on the top one, any successive one also gets filled, the order being determined by the user dragging and dropping them into the expected position in the Codebook UI. This might work for simple forms with just a couple fields, i.e. a typical login form.


Hi @rickcogley

This is an interesting idea, we will discuss this internally. Thanks!