Secret Agent - wrong special character forwarding


I also updated to the latest version 2.4.0 under Windows 7 -64bit (German).

I really like the new feature: the Secret Agent.

But on my computer occur errors on the forwarding of special characters:
it affects all characters that I type in combination with the ALTGR button.
instead of
\ } ] [ { ³ ² ~ | @ €
the Agent sends
ß 0 9 8 7 3 2 + < q e
(these are the characters without pressed ALTGR button)

e.g. an e-mail address so is changed from: to:

I’m sorry but so it is not possible to use the Secret Agent.



Hello @Frank_

We will be releasing an update to STRIP for Windows shortly that will address the issue you are seeing with inserting certain characters. Thanks!



with the update of STRIP to ver 2.4.10 this problem is resolved.
Now the Secret Agent works perfect!



Hi @Frank_,

We are glad to hear everything is working well for you - thanks for the update!