Sync Disabled After Edit in Strip for Win 7


I can sync fine with Strip on my iphone, ipad, and pc Win 7 using Dropbox. However in Strip for Win 7, as soon as I begin to edit a category or entry, the “Sync” button grays out & becomes un-operable. I must close Strip, re-open & log in to be able to sync. Is this normal? I can get around it but it is annoying as I’m doing a lot of editing & syncing amongst the three devices.

Thanks, Steamer


Hello @Steamer

The synchronization feature is disabled when the application is in edit mode. As soon as you complete your edit by saving or canceling your changes the synchronization service is enabled again.


Thanks for replying. It would function just as you describe for some time and then it would act up. I’ve finally figured out what was triggering the “Sync button lock up”. If you hit the edit button more than once in a row (like a double click) then the sync button is locked and the save button won’t help. Re-starting Strip unlocks the sync button but as soon as the edit button is touched even once, the sync is locked again. Only a pc re-start will put Strip back to normal. Now that I’m aware of it I just need to avoid the more than one click on the edit button in a row. That’s how it’s functioning on my pc anyway. I’m curious if you’re able to replicate this

Regards, Steamer


Hello @Steamer,

Thank you for the additional information. I was able to reproduce the scenario when double clicking the edit toolbar icon, however not with the edit button itself. We will fix this in the next release of STRIP for Windows. Thanks again!


Having the same issue on Windows 10. Must close STRIP and re-open again.


Hello @alexgu

What sync provider do you have selected? Does this issue occur after you have restarted STRIP?


I am getting the same issue. Not just sync is disabled but, for instance, integrity check too. As Steamer said over a year ago, this is not crippling but it is annoying to have to close Strip and re-open it after editing. That is when you want to sync.
I am using Dropbox Sync.


Hello @LDCR

We have a fix that will address the disabling of certain features based on the edit state of the application coming out soon. I apologize for the inconvenience at the moment.


I experience the same issue today 27 of November 2016 using Codebook tor Windows
If I start edit a field sync is disabled, get grey. It do not get activated when I save my change.
Only way to activate is to close app and log in again.


Hi bow_string,
Can you give us a little more information on this? Possibly a step by step instruction on hot to reproduce the behavior that you are seeing? Are you syncing via Desktop WIFI or Dropbox/Google Drive? If you have information that you don’t want public, you could submit a ticket at


I’m using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Pro OS version10586.679 64bit.
Sync with Dropbox, Google drive not installed.

When open Codebook everything works as it should and sync is able.
If I click on new entry sync gets disabled same if I open a entry and click edit.
When done I save entry but sync stay disabled.
I Ned to close Codebook and open it again to sync changes done.

That’s it!


Hey @bow_string

We just released 3.0.14 and it should fix the issue you have been seeing. Please give it a try and let us know if it fixes the issue for you.




After upgrade everything works just fine :slight_smile:



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December 5

Hey @bow_string

We just released 3.0.14 and it should fix the issue you have been seeing. Please give it a try and let us know if it fixes the issue for you.




Great News! Any other issues, please let us know.