Sync hanging in Codebook 4

Hi, I just updated to Codebook 4 on my Mac (running Mojave) and iPhone (running iOS 13). After I sync’d the sync key to both devices, I tried sync-ing Codebook on my Mac after adding an entry, however, sync is hanging at 60% on “Downloading Files”.

Okay, the sync finally completed but it took about 5 minutes which was much longer than I expected. Just before the upgrade, my Codebook database (which is quite large) would take about a minute to sync.

Hey @Newton991

Thanks very much for your support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum.

I’m sorry to hear about the slowness during initial sync. The first sync could take significantly longer than subsequent syncs, but we haven’t seen 5 minutes in our testing (sometimes closer to 30 - 1minute).

Can you make a test change and see if the sync goes through faster this time around?

I tried it so far on three devices and the second sync of each device went more quickly. Thanks!