Wifi Sync service on Win10 needs constant restart

Hi all;

The syncing service on my Win10 desktop seems to quit after a few minutes so it needs restarting every time I want to sync my iphone 6s+.

The only means I know of to restart is to switch my preference for syncing away from wifi to something else, quit the tab, then change the preference back to wifi.

Now my iphone can see the sync service and successfully sync.


Is there another way of restarting the sync service?

Bill Rees

Hi @breeze

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are experiencing. If I may ask, what version of Codebook for Windows do you currently have installed on your machine? You can locate this from the Help → About menu item on the main window once you login.

Hi back;

 I'm on Windows 10 Codebook version 4.2.2 (updated a few days ago).

 Re checked the syncing a second ago and continue to see that 

syncing works if tried within 30 seconds of startup. Otherwise the
iphone sync operation remains stuck with the circling dots.

 If I open the preferences window and save it then I can sync again.

Bill Rees

Hi @breeze

Would you mind writing into our support system via support@zetetic.net, we would be happy to help further troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing.