Wifi synch won't detect computer


When I try to operate wifi sych to my Win10 desktop my phone app won’t detect the PC. Up to now it’s worked perfectly. I’m running v3.6.7. I use Avast Free virus checker which has Codebook listed as an exception, as does Win Defender on my private network. My last synch was in early December which was flawless as usual but I have just added some entries and need to resynch. I’ve confirmed that my private network is OK and I have tried disabling both Avast and Defender without success. Any ideas?


Hi @DickW

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with WiFi synchronization. We have a post on troubleshooting some of this here:

Aside from that, you might want to make sure your mobile device and Windows 10 machine are on the same subnet. You can also try to manually enter the IP address of your computer in the sync screen of Codebook on your mobile device.


Thanks for that. After posting my question I did a synch via dropbox. When I got your answer, I checked the desktop for wifi synch and it was already configured that way. When I tried wifi again, it worked. Something changed but I have no idea what!


Hello @DickW

Excellent, we are happy to hear everything is working again for you!