Allowed Characters (suggestion)

I love the “Exclude Characters” feature. But most password policies list the allowed characters, not the exclude characters. For example, you might see something along the lines of the following on your password reset form:

I feel it would be useful if Codebook gave us the option to use a field for Allowed Characters instead of just the Exclude Characters. We could then copy/paste the allowed character list into that field. It would probably also be useful if the paste action stripped out any spaces, as there will likely be spaces between characters on most of these forms.

I note there is a “Website Rules” password type, but I don’t think the “special” rule detects the allowed character list per website (correct me if I’m wrong).


As a workaround for this, I have created a new label for “Exclude Characters”. For tricky password policies, I manually set this up, then allowing me to copy/paste from my “Exclude Characters” list. But it’s an imperfect and clunky solution.