Codebook Feature Request: Exclude/Include characters toggle in password generator

In the codebook password generator (ref: windows version, but it exists in others), there is a text box to enter characters to be excluded when using the “Web Site Rules” method. Few websties I’ve encountered list the special characters they disallow; the vast majority list only the special characters they do allow, rendering the entry of disallowed characters to generate “clean” passwords a bit of a chore. If a toggle for the text box could be added to toggle it between the listed characters being allowed in the password vs disallowed, I could simply flip the toggle, copy the special character list from their password page and paste it into the Codebook password generator and be done with it.


This is what I have seen in another password manager. It give the user the possibility to select what special characters to use. There is also a section for separators in memorable passwords.
Attachment 1: default characters
Attachment 2: selected characters
Note: the Restore button which performs a reset to the default characters.

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Hi @pbabcock and @Rob1,
Thanks for writing in to our discuss page, we really appreciate the feedback and interest in our Password Generator Our “exclude” list features characters that look similar when typed and therefore might cause a user issues when typing out. Your request is an interesting one and it definitely deserves some serious thought. We might need to do some UI changes along with some additional coding if we do decide to make some improvements to the Password Generator so I will create task for this so we can discuss it internally and then decide on a course of action. We do have a lot of updates we are planning on over the next year so I’m not even able to give you a time frame of when we could look into this but we certainly will look into it. Thanks again and feel free to contact us with suggestions anytime.


Thanks, but, based on your reply, I’m not sure you captured the gist of my suggestion.

It’s not the hard-coded, on or off exclude list of easily confused characters I’m referring to. That’s just fine on its own. Its the “Exclude” text box that appears beneath it which allows the user to add additional characters to exclude when using “Website Rules…” option:

What I envision in the GUI would be something like this:

Where the toggle will either ensure that the characters entered into the text box are the only special characters that are included within the generator’s selection pool, or, conversely by checking the box next to Exclude, that the characters entered are excluded from the selection pool. The boxes would be linked so that only one or the other is selected (re: exclusive or radio button behavior).

Hey @pbabcock,
Nope, I gotcha. This is why I mentioned the UI and codeing changes. You want to be able to either include or exclude certain characters, depending on the website requirements. We are on the same page with this suggestion.