Can I restore from iCloud backup?

My basic question is if it’s possible to restore my data from an iCloud backup. My daughter deleted the app from my iPhone this weekend. I re-installed the app and of course the data is no longer there. I’m having a minor panic attack. Realize now I should’ve backed up to Dropbox and I will going forward. So the only way I can restore from an iCloud backup appears to be to clear my phone and restore everything, not just this app. So a few questions - I don’t want to download iOS 9 yet but it looks like I may have to, any advice there? Also, will this clear and restore actually allow me to access my STRIP data again? And, my photos don’t appear in my phone’s iCloud backup; they appear separately under “iCloud Photo Library” - I’m so confused as to why this is a separate line from my iphone backup. Lastly, I am afraid that another auto backup will happen before I can figure all this out and my STRIP data will be lost for good. Help please!

So I went out on a desperate, anxiety-ridden limb and erased my phone, hoping against hope that I’d be able to restore to a backup that contained my STRIP data. The process was easy and fast. My photos are there and I didn’t have to upgrade to iOS 9. BUT what I never came across in any of my travels on help forums is that iCloud only saves THREE backups! What the heck! So I picked the earliest one and crossed my fingers. At that point, my phone had been erased so what was I to do?? Sadly to say, it was not early enough. My data is gone forever. Lesson learned - I will now backup to dropbox going forward !!

Hello @Seekup2 I’m so sorry to hear about the problem, and that there wasn’t a backup available on iCloud to restore to! If I might ask, do you regularly plug in your device to your computer with iTunes? If so, there is a possibility that there might be another backup there.

You can view the backups in iTunes under the Preferences Menu, on the Devices Tab. There should be a list of “Device backups” there.

If you see a device backup from before the deletion, you may be able to restore it to get access to your original data. Please note this process will erase any data from other applications that was not in the last iTunes backup, and the restore process isn’t without some risk. To do this:

  • On the computer you use to sync your device, go to: iTunes → Preferences → Devices, Check “Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods.”
  • Now connect your device to your computer and it should show up in iTunes. Choose File > Devices > Back up.
  • choose “Restore from Backup.” On the following screen,
  • Verify the Backup Date is recent enough that you will not loose important data.
  • If you are sure you want to proceed, continue with the restore.
  • After the restore, verify that your data is back, then turn “automated syncing” back on

Hi thank you for replying but I do not have a home computer unfortunately. I only use my phone and iPad and STRIP is not on my iPad. :disappointed:

If you back up your data to iCloud, there is no doubt that you can use it to recover your data. For specific steps on this method, you can refer to Apple’s official website, provided that you need to reset your phone. If I were you, I wouldn’t restore an entire iCloud backup for a few photos, because then I would lose other data on my phone that I didn’t have time to back up. Selectively restoring iCloud backups is the best solution.