Codebook for iOS 4.4.2 Released

Codebook for iOS 4.4.2 is available now. This release includes modernized context menus for Entries, Fields, and Attachments. These context menus can also be triggered on views other than the standard entries list (Recents, Favorites, Search, Journal) – context menus were previously unavailable on these views.

These context menus can be triggered by long press on the target Entry, Field, or Attachment and a preview will be shown (if applicable) with the available actions beneath it.

These modern context menus should fix issues some folks had with Codebook improperly reporting their device was low on space when attempting to long press on Entries.

This update also includes a fix for a crash that could occur when swiping to delete an entry on iPad.

This release does not change compatibility requirements, version 4.4.2 can sync with version 4.4.0 and higher without issue.

Changes in this version:

  • New Integrity Check results interface
  • Adds modern context menus for Entries, fields, and attachments (triggered by long press)
  • Modern context menus now available in Recents, Favorites, Search, Journal views
  • Fields context menu now includes additional actions (mask, toggle font, open/call, review password)
  • Adds modern context menu for Attachments (copy, paste, delete)
  • Fixes crash that could occur during Integrity Check
  • Adds missing translations on the Touch/Face ID Getting started screen
  • Fixes long press on add entry button to properly trigger adding alternate entry type (if default set to standard entry will add note)
  • Fixes crash on iPad when swiping to delete an Entry
  • Adds Face/Touch ID button on login interface to manually trigger biometric authentication
  • Fixes restore/merge operations improperly uploading duplicate changesets