Codebook icon is always visible in the tray


i close codebook, why icon is still visible and shows application running. there is no option to hide an icon. It’s a vault for god’s sake, i don’t want people to see i run it


Hello @AlexPTY

You have closed the main window of the application. Codebook will remain running in the background (though locked) to allow for Secret Agent to respond to your global hotkey setting for quick lookups of data. You can terminate the program by either selecting File → Exit Application from the main window menu, or right-clicking on the icon within the systray and selecting Exit Codebook.


I understand functionality you added without the option to deselect. I bought Strip for it’s purpose, then you added Secret Agent which i do not want to use and gave me option not to start it automatically. Now i do not have option to shut it down when i close Codebook…

all i want it to have a password vault application i paid for, it was secure, secret and did the purpose. If you add something else to it, should be a way to disable it completely


Hello @AlexPTY

We appreciate your feedback regarding the integration of Secret Agent. We are considering a change for a future release within Codebook for Windows that would allow you to completely disable the Secret Agent integration if you wish. Thanks!