Codebook Mac Wifi Sync issue

Hi - I wanted to try the Wifi sync, but when I switch from Google Drive to it, in Preferences, I get this error:

The operation could not be completed. (SyncServerErrorDomain error 1.). Unable to start sync listener on port 57419, check to make sure another service is not already running. 

Then at Terminal I run:

sudo lsof -i :57419

… and see that apsd is using that port. This is apparently Apple’s APSD (Apple Push Notification Service Daemon), and it appears it’s used for facetime, which I use.

Any idea what I can do about this?

Hi @rickcogley, that’s odd, what version of OS X are you using? Does quitting FaceTime or rebooting your Mac change the behavior when you enable WiFi sync?

On my Mac it looks like apsd starts up with ports close to ours, I’m seeing values like 58493 and 58519 when I restart FaceTime. Hopefully restarting the app will set it on a different port than Codebook’s 57419.

Hi @wgray, thanks. I’m using OS X 10.11.3. I’m running cocktail and upgrades this am. Will see what happens after a reboot.

Works after a reboot. Go figure.