Codebook on Windows 10, "listener stopped cancelled"


I Installed Codebook, unable to sink, left lower corner indicates- “listener stopped cancelled”. [I did not cancel it]

Performed the ‘modify’ installation process, still get: “listener stopped cancelled”

Norton 360 indicates that Codebook.exe is allowed. But, I do not know how to locate any specific info on port 57419 status. Please help.

Hello @rrwayne

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. Would you mind temporarily disabling Norton antivirus, then relaunching Codebook for Windows to see if you are able to proceed with WiFi sync? Thanks

Hi, thank you for responding so quickly. I actually had success with the Sync by using Codebook options–> Computer --> [edit icon] and typed in the desktop IP address. Worked great this way, though somewhat cumbersome.

***Then, I went ahead and tried the disable of Antivirus. The sink Computer does now show the computer’s Hostname, and the sync does work. How can I edit the Norton Antivirus settings for a permanent fix w/o temporarily disabling it each time I need to perform a Sync?

Thank you.

Hi @rrwayne

Would you see if these instructions allow you to sync over Wifi with Norton running?