Creating Templates

Is there a way to create a template for entries
as it is extremely laborious creating a new set of the same labels each time

Hi @bobo, sorry for the frustration! Creating empty entries is a convenient way to solve this. Say you have a category named Credit Cards; create a new entry record in that category, name something like “CC Template.” Add the labels you need to the template, e.g. Account, CVV2, any other details you want to list for each card, but don’t set a value for these fields, leave them empty and save the entry. When you need to create a new credit card record, just copy the CC Template entry and paste it into the category (or another category), update the name, fill in the fields.

Does that work for you? Let us know if you have any trouble!

Hi wgray,
thank you for your response, i followed your instruction and it worked fine
May I suggest that that it wasn’t apparent in the app without your instruction, so a dedicated template facility would be useful

regards bob