Desktop Sync via WIFI


in the past I used Codebook on WIN 7 and syncing over WIFI with my Iphone 5S and Ipad worked perfectly. I moved recently to WIN 10 and now I cannot sync anymore. Although I can choose my Computer (Browse Network) on the Codebook IOS App and the PC Codebook Program shows “started listener on port 57419”, the syncing process does not start after pressing “start” on the IOS app. Again: with WIN7 everything worked great and I did not change any presets on my router (Fritz Box Cable).

Any idea?

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Hi @MickyD

Are you running either the a Windows or third party firewall, or anti-virus software on your Windows 10 machine? If so, could you temporarily disable it as any of those items could prevent the synchronization from occurring on your local network.

thank you very much for your reply. As per your suggestion, I deactivated the WIN 10

by doing this, I realized that my Network was set up as “Public” and not “private” (which I had in mind). As a consequence, I told Win 10 to open ports for PRIVATE network only when first starting codebook.

I changed simple my Network now from Public to private and wifi Sync is working great now.

Hello @MickyD - that is excellent news, I’m glad to hear that sync is working for you now!